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Student Learning Project Posters: History

A collaboration between the library and academic departments.

History 202

Student Learning: History 202 & The Library 

In Spring semester 2009, Dr Allen Dieterich-Ward's Recent America survey course, History 202, highlighted the partnerships possible between the library and the broader history curriculum. History 202 is required for all history majors. This class explores key themes and pivotal developments in the political, social, cultural, and economic history of the United States since the Civil War, focusing on both domestic and international affairs. In keeping with the History Department's emphasis on Public History, throughout the semester groups of students created museum exhibits focused on a particular set of issues related to course themes.

Dr Allen Dieterich-Ward - Recent America

History 397

Student Learning: History 397 & The Library 

In Spring semester 2009, Dr Allen Dieterich-Ward's History Capstone course, History 397, included a semester-long research project on environmental history. This research project really highlighted the synergy between Lehman Library resources and the university curriculum. In completing this assignment, students had to conduct significant research by analyzing primary sources at brick-and-mortar archives as well as online databases. The seminar papers also included a rigorous theoretical analysis of secondary sources within a comparative framework.

Dr Allen Dieterich-Ward - History Capstone