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This guide archives the exhibits and displays which Lehman Library has provided to the campus in recent years.

About the Artist

Roberta Rettew Iula has a strong landscape design/horticultural background. Her several residential and commercial landscape designs exit in Ohio, Kentucky and Pennsylvania. Her love for nature, landscape, plants and architecture, has always been the motif of her arts. 


This collection of works stem from her thoughts of how does the weather make her feel. “May be it is a storm, or

from an ecological standpoint, a seasonal mood, cold winter and how that makes the landscape look.


Ocean and rocks that have been weathered for centuries. A rainy day and its magical mood.”

Artist's Statement

Artist Statement:

Weather, people’s likes and dislikes, different climates, moods of a rain day OR a sunny hot day, the seasons – have always fascinated me. My husband, Nick, has gotten a kick out of my “love of weather” over the years, and can’t get over that I will watch the weather channel!!

I need it all! I have lived in climates that are more or less all one season.  I never felt quite right there, or totally happy.  I love grey!!  A rainy day makes me feel so content and energized at the same time. In sharp contrast – my trips to a favorite beach vacation better not have anything but clear and sunny times.  Snow turns me on. The thought of Fall approaching is an annual love affair. Where would I be without all my perennials, deciduous trees, evergreens and flowers that a varied climate offers.

“How’s the Weather” is a collection of works representing the landscape in terms of a magical mood from a rainy day, a storm in life from impending battle, a sunny yellow happiness from a well made cake, the elements that have “weathered” centuries, and various other landscape scenarios that result from the weather.


Roberta Rettew Iula

The Reception

Meet & Greet with the Artist








The Exhibit


March 1-31, 2016




The Works