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This guide archives the exhibits and displays which Lehman Library has provided to the campus in recent years.

Your Vote Counts

Your Vote Counts

Your Vote Counts: a History of VOTING

In 1846, a US voter literally voiced his opinion on who should be elected President. In 2008 many voters will be using a computer operated system. In the past 219 years, the voting process has changed -- not only in how voters submit their votes; but in who is allowed to vote. In 1869 African American men were given the right to vote. Today, Senator Barack Obama, an African American man is the Democratic nominee for President. Just 88 years ago, in 1920, the first woman was allowed to vote, and this historic year, Senator Hillary Clinton nearly won a spot as the Democratic candidate. Join us on a journey through the history of voting.

Coolidge President Coolidge stands beside a car with radio equipment that was used on the campaign trail. (1924)
Voting machine with the curtains pulled back. (1905) Ballot Machine
Electors A man making an impression on a large piece of paper used with a voting machine. (1904)
A searchlight was used in the 1916 election to communicate the election returns to the crowds that gathered in the street. Searchlight1
NY Electoral College NY VP Electoral College NY Electoral College & NY VP Electoral College- New York Electoral College ballots cast for William Howard Taft and James S. Sherman, 1909.
Women voters casting ballots after suffrage  Voters
Ballot Official 1960 Ballot
Barry Goldwater & William Miller
Lyndon Johnson & Hubert Humphrey
Various Ballot boxes used through the years. Ballot Box DC Ballot Box Metal Ballot Box Voting Machine