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LibGuides Workshop - ACLCP - April 15, 2011: LibAnswers

Created for the LibGuides Workshop at Ship on April 15, 2011 sponsored by ACLCP.

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Common Questions: Answered



What Springshare products do we have at Ship? What LA is. What LA can do. What we are using LA for at Ship.

  • What Springshare products do we have at Ship?
  • What LibAnswers is
    • Dynamically Searchable Knowldegebase
    • Reference Question Analytics Tracking
    • Interface for easy entry of answers to reference questions
    • Modular - choose the products you want
  • What LibAnswers can do
    • Reduce face-time for common recurring questions
    • Track question statistics asked & answered via LibAnswers
    • Track statistics about aything not asked via LibAnswers, too
      (you can define a dozen statistics fields you might want to use)
    • Inform staffing decisions
    • Inform service decisions
    • Inform LibGuides topics creation
  • What we are using LibAnswers for at Ship
    • Instant Answers (LibAnswers widget)
    • SMS & Email reference question answers (LibAnswers interface)
    • Reference Question email webform (LibAnswers Question Form)
    • Scheduling Research Consultations (LibAnswers Question Form)
    • Reference Question tracking (Analytics module)
  • Demo
    • Answering a question
      • Via Email vs. SMS
      • Analytics
    • Recording a non-LibAnswers transaction
    • Reports and statistics
    • Admin module? (if more than a few are interested)
  • Questions? Comments? Smart Remarks?
    • Ask 'em at anytime they seem relevant (or I'll take 'em at the end)

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