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LibGuides Workshop - ACLCP - April 15, 2011: Hands-On Session

Created for the LibGuides Workshop at Ship on April 15, 2011 sponsored by ACLCP.


Hands-On - Doug, Kirk, Aaron 

ACLCP LibGuides Workshop, Ship, April 15, 2011


The LigGuide Users Creed (Please repeat with me in unison)

  1. A Webpage is a Guide

  2. A Tab is a Page

  3. A Box is an Area to Include Content


http://research.library.ship.edu- (our main LibGuides splashpage/homepage. Not necessarily the Library's homepage.))

  • LibGuides is an easy to use content management system using templates. 
  •  It is hosted at Springshare. 
  •  Each ‘installation’ has its own URL and branding. 
  •  You are provided with a "homepage." 
  •  Someone at your campus is designated as a system administrator, who sets up default banner, colors, etc. - Aaron Dobbs is our guru.  
  •  The Subject Categories on the "homepage" must be set up by the guru. 
  • The search boxes on your LibGuides search all your guides and tags.



http://research.library.ship.edu/LibGuidesWorkshop - (workshop notes)

1.  DEMO - MY ADMIN- Your LibGuide creation launch page. [each user needs a different log-in name and PW]

LibGuides Specialized Vocabulary

      PROFILE - Your Profile Box automatically is included with each guide you create.  [You can provide patrons with as much information about you as necessary.  You may not want to discuss your latest DUIs, fights with your spouse, or the like]

      GUIDE - The  ‘webpage’ you create with LibGuides.  [You must remove ‘webpage’ from your vocabulary.  You must now say Guide or LibGuide or be severely scoffed at in knowledgeable circles.]

      PAGE - A sub-unit of your Guide.  A Page shows up on your Guide as a tab. [You are allowed to refer to this as a tab with the unwashed and ignorant; however in better company you must say Page.]

      BOX - A sub-unit of your Page. A Box shows up on your Page as a separate content area. [You have special permission to discuss this with students as you see fit - e.g. “This area,” “This little thingy.” “These links.”  However amongst the hoi poloi you must say Box.]


2.  ACTIVITY - Customize Your Profile Box

         A.  Load a photo

         B.  Add personal information


3.  ACTIVITY - Customize Your Profile Page

         A.  Settings at top

                  1)   Friendly URLs

                  2)  Hide/Show

         B.  Office Hours


4.  ACTIVITY - Create a New Guide Start Fresh

            A.  Title

            B.  Description


5.  DEMO - Add Content to Your New Guide - The Command Bar

            A.  Guide Settings - change the Guide

            B.  Add/Edit Pages - change a Page

            C.  Other Guides - see other Guides

            D.  Help - what it says

            E.  Status - make visible to users

            F.  Preview - view your masterpiece in patron mode

            G.  My Admin - back to your launch page\


6.  MINOR ACTIVITY/MOSTLY DEMO - Add New Box - Settings

            A.  Settings at top

                        1) Create New - what it says

                        2) Link - pulls in a box from your system. 

                           Cannot edit here.  Your box then changes when the master box changes

                        3) Copy - pulls in a box from your system.

                           Content may be edited. No link to the original box is maintained. 

            B.  Set Title and Position

            C.  Box  Types We Use Most Often

                        1) Rich Text - has a WYSIWYG editor

                        2) Links and Lists - add links and link descriptions


7.  ACTIVITY - Add Rich Text Box - Edit Text

             A. Rich Text Editor -

                        1) Keep it Simple

                        2) Fonts and Formatting

                        3) Lists

                        4) Adding Images

            B.  Deleting Boxes - Delete Icon is hidden on the blue bar all the way to the right


8. ACTIVITY - Add New Page (Tab to the unwashed)

            A.  Settings

                        1) Name - We try to keep these short

                        2) Description - This is hover text

                        3) Position - Top level Pages are visible. 

                           Sub level Pages display in a drop-down box


9. ACTIVITY - Add a Links and Lists Box to the New Page

            A.  Add New Box

            B.  Settings

                        1) Choose Links and Lists

                        2) Add Title

            C. Edit Text - Add a description of for this box

            D. Add Link - Adds a specific link and its description


10.  ACTIVITY - Publish Your Guide

            A.  Preview

            B.  Status - Change Guide Status  - Settings

                        1) Friendly URL (Optional)

                        2) Subject Category (Optional) - Guru sets up categories

                        3) Guide Publication Status

                                    a) Unpublished - only you can access the guide

                                    b) Published - Guide is accessible to all and can be searched

                                    c) Private - only someone with the URL can access the guide

            C.  Add Tags to Your Guide

                        1)  Guide Settings

                        2)  Edit Assigned Tags (Guide must be published) - searchable keywords


Printable Handout

Subject Guide

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