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HIS203 - Ulrich

Library Databases that Contain Primary Sources

Online Primary Resources

This online resource contains primary documents located at the National Archives.  Most primary documents are accompanied with excellent historical backgrounds relating to the document.

Finding Primary Sources

Examples of primary sources: artifacts, photographs, newspapers, archival documents, oral histories, letters, plays, speeches, artwork, data from scientific studies such the census, autobiographies, memoirs/diaries, emails, texts, advertisements, magazines printed at that time, original maps, and even social media posts.


Search HINTS


Boolean Search Commands:

Focus on these two operators for your research: AND, OR

AND will search all terms together.  For example: Alcohol AND drugs will search for materials that include both terms in a resource.  AND will narrow your search.

OR will search one term or the other.  For example: Alcohol OR drugs will search for either of these terms in a resource. OR will broaden your search.


In Ship Discovery Search, enter search terms for your topic in the first search box, then add the following search to another row on the search screen:

sources OR primary OR document* OR sourcebook OR autobiog* OR memoir* OR diar* OR correspondence OR letters