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READ @ Lehman Library: International Students

READ @ Lehman Library

The Ezra Lehman Library READ poster exhibit is based on a series begun by the American Library Association (ALA) in 1985 to promote reading. Some of the world's best known celebrities have supported the simple but powerful message: READ!

Here at Shippensburg University we have been producing READ posters featuring our very own celebrities. By posing with a book that holds special significance to them, our campus celebrities demonstrate their commitment to reading and their appreciation of libraries.

Our collection of READ posters will be showcased in rotating exhibits in Lehman Library. Our first READ poster exhibit was held during National Library Week in April 2008

International Students

Katie Ann Caballero-Dennis
Home Country: Jamaica
Grad Student in Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Class of 2012

My name is Kadie-Ann Caballero-Dennis. I am from the beautiful, fun island of Jamaica. I did my undergraduate degree in Psychology at Northern Caribbean University in Jamaica. Currently I am a Graduate Student here at Shippensburg University  doing my degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. I am an extremely adventurous person.  I love travelling, going out with my husband and other friends to different parts of the country and the world. I really love to hit the road.

The book I have chosen is Think Big:Unleashing Your Potential for Excellence,  by Ben Carson. This is a motivational book for me.  It shows that even if one has been through struggles, poverty, or low self- esteem, that he/she  can rise above their demise, and live to their fullest achievement. I hope that you too will love this book as I have loved it over the years.

Patarin Kornmai
Home Country: Thailand
Grad Student in the Organizational Development and Leadership Program
Class of 2013

My name is Patarion Kornmai and I'm from Thailand.  I am a grad student in the Organizational Development and Leadership program here at Shippensburg Univiersity.  My favorite book is A Clash of Kings, an epic fantasy novel by American author, George R. R. Martin.  The novel won many awards and became a New York Times bestseller in 2011. 

A Clash of Kings, (A Song of Ice and Fire series, Book 2) is different from most stories in that usually the hero is obviously going to win.  But I believe that A Clash of Kings is unpredictable and exciting. It involves a lot of politics and does not rely too much on over-used clichés. There is a realistic feel to the books that nobody is super good or evil.

Jeong Ah Seo
Home Country: South Korea
Exchange Student from Soonchunyang University 
Undergraduate Student majoring in Social Work

I am an international student from South Korea and I am having a wonderful time at Shippensburg University.  When I first came here, I faced a lot of cultural shock and doubted my English ability.

The book, The Art of Crossing Cultures, inspired me to overcome the difficulties I was having in trying to learn simple phrases in a foreign country.  With the help of this book, I could became better adjusted to the American culture as well as being able to retain my identity.  I would say that this book is a must for students who want to work or study abroad.

International Students 2012