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Library Resources on Gerontology

Gerontology Resources

Most search tools depend on publishing format. Find Gerontology resources in:


Printing in the library is as easy as

  1. ctrl+p
  2. walk to the printers
  3. swipe your ID card
  4. release the print job
  5. collect your paper

Gerontology Literature

Gerontology information can be found in the literature of several fields of study. This can make researching Gerontology a little tricky. A few observations of the Gerontology literature to keep in mind:

  • Journals will contain the most recent information
  • Books will conatin in-depth theory and historical information
  • "Criminal Justice administration" books are usually between HV 6000 - HV 9999
  • Find Articles through the sources listed on the Articles tab

If you are having trouble finding good information for your Gerontology assignments, use the Ask Us Anything service to get help from a librarian.

Gerontology Journals

There are plenty of Gerontology-related journals. If you want to know whether the library provides access to a journal your professor mentions in class, you can browse lists of journals covering:

You can also search the Journal Titles List to see if we have access to a specific title.

To search for articles in Gerontology-related journals, use the databases listed on the Articles tab.