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UNIV101 - Ulrich

Activity: Bibliographical References

Your task is to find the library records for the following works:

Group 1: Find the article "Using Evolution as a Narrative Framework for Teaching Introductory Biology" from the journal Bioscience, by J. Christopher Gaiser and Michael F. Roberts. Next, find the fourth source on its references list.

Group 2: Find the Salem Press Encyclopedia entry "Two-spirit" (written by Mark Dziak). Next, find the second entry on its references list.

Group 3: Find The Crimean War: Then and Now by David R. Jones. Next find the first entry on its sources of information and additional reading list.

Group 4: Find the article "Mixed Methods Research in Criminology and Criminal Justice: a Systematic Review" from the journal American Journal of Criminal Justice, by Nicole Wilkes, Valerie R. Anderson, Cheryl Laura Johnson, and Lillian Mae Bedell. Next, find the second source on its references list.

Group 5: Find The Global Financial Crisis: A Retrospective Look edited by George G. Kaufman. Next, find the second entry on the references list for the final chapter.