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Research Lab for First Year Research

Session Information

Learning Outcomes

This lab will help you:

  • Determine an appropriate topic based parameters of an assignment
  • Understand the steps of managing the research process

Begin Your Research

Formulate questions that narrow your topic, reducing what might be your original grand question, to manageable portions. Your research question should be narrow, specific, and answerable. Eventually, your question should be refined based on relevant research support.

A thesis is a an argument developed from a research question - an expected but as of yet unconfirmed relationship not yet confirmed by evidence.



Define Your Topics

Broad Topic

Mental Illness

Restricted Topic

Seasonal Affective Disorder


Narrowed Topic

Seasonal Affective Disorder in Young People

Options for Treating Seasonal Affective Disorder in Adults

Depression and the Workplace

Depression and Self-Destructive Behavior

Research Question

In what ways can college student relationships affect the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder?

How effective is phototherapy in treating seasonal affective disorder in adults?

How does untreated depression lead to workplace problems and turnover?

How can social support help reduce self-destructive behavior in clinically depressed people?

Research Process