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Predatory Publishing

There are a number of factors to be considered when evaluating a conference to determine if it is legitimate or predatory. Presence or absence of one indicator does not determine a conference's legitimacy. The cumulative effect of indicators is what matters.

Indicators of a Legitimate Conference

  • The conference website if free from spelling or grammatical errors
  • The conference website has full contact details for questions
  • The conference is sponsored by/in partnership with a reputable, established group
  • The conference program is available
  • Conference proceedings are published/indexes/made available after the event
  • Keynote speakers are recognized experts in the field
  • Expectations and instructions for authors regarding submissions are clearly stated on the website
  • Submissions for papers/presentations/posters undergo a review process for acceptance

Indicators of a Potential Predatory Conference

  • Pressure to register quickly to "reserve" a spot
  • Registration is required to obtain information about the conference
  • The stated purpose of the conference is vague
  • Conference organizers offer multiple conferences at many locations at the same time
  • Conference organizer sends unsolicited email invitations to new conferences.