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Organizing and Citing Your Research

About this Guide

1. Faculty at Ship will require you to adhere to a particular Citation Style when you write a paper.  A Citation Style Guide will typically tell you

  • how to your paper (margins, title page, etc.). format
  • how to refer to an article or book within your paper.
  • how to format the list of resources you used for the paper which typically is placed at the end of your document.

2.  There are numerous Citation Styles used at Ship.  For example, MLA is used by the English department.  APA is used by the Psychology Department and the Teacher Education Department.  Chicago is used by the History Department.  ASA is used by the Sociology Department.  More styles are used by other departments. Your professor will tell you which Style to use.

3. This guide includes information about

  • Citation Styles - including quick handouts and more detailed websites which describe the formatting for a particular style.  Some citations are complex enough that you may need to refer to an Official Style Guide in book format.
  • Free Citation Creation Software - Many databases such as EBSCOhost give you a citation you can copy and paste into a Word document.  There are numerous websites at which you can key in the citation information you have (author, title, date, etc).  The website will format the citation and allow you to copy and paste it into a Word document. 
  • Free Research Organization and Citation Software - These websites require that you create a free account.  Also you may need to download a small software program to your computer.  The more robust of these programs will allow you to save an article, make notes on an article, and create a bibliography.

Official Citation Style Guides