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SOC201 - Denison

Sociological Practice

SOC201 - Sociological Practice - Denison

Welcome to the Course Guide for SOC201 with Dr. Denison. This guide has been designed to assist you as you prepare to write your article review. For additional assistance, feel free at any time to use our Ask Us Anything chat or email reference service, or sign up for our research consultation service. Or, if you have questions, please contact Christy Fic,

Article Review Assignment

The purpose of this assignment is to acquaint students with the type of current research and inquiry in the study of sociology being reported in the appropriate academic journals.  Students are asked to select an appropriate article from an approved sociological journal and write a review according to the following guidelines.

a. You may pick any peer reviewed or refereed (mean essentially the same thing) article (not book review, editorial review, research note or letter) in a scholarly sociology journal. These journals include: American Sociological Review, American Journal of Sociology, Sociological Forum, Sociological Focus, Sociological Quarterly, Sociology of Education, Sociology of Race & Ethnicity, Sociology of Religion, The Sociological Review, International Journal of Sociology

b. You need to select something published within the last 5 years.

If you have any doubts about what you have selected, please ask me in class, stop by my office hours, or email me. 

b. The review should be 1200-1500 words. All appropriate use of information from the article must be cited. You may simply use a parenthetical citation, i.e. According to Smith, (pg. 214) . . . or In the article it states (Jones, p. 315).

c. You will begin the review with a citation of the article in this style:

Horell, David, 1997. "Leadership Patterns and the Development of Ideology in Early Christianity." Sociology of Religion 58 (4):323-341.

d. In the article review, address the following questions to earn full points:

What is the thesis of this article?

What type of research was performed in order to provide information for this article?  (For example, are the findings based on survey research? Observation? Secondary data sources?)

What theoretical tools are used in this article? Is the discussion more functionalist or interactionist, or it is based in conflict theory?

What are the conclusions drawn from the analysis of the data?

How does the information presented affect your understanding of sociology at this point?

Remember, this is a review essay, not simple question-answer writing.  You should address the five required elements equally.

The articles for this assignment are available full text from the scholarly sociology journals in the library’s database collection. It needs to be sociological so do not go into other journals that are not from sociology.  Do not do book reviews, research notes or other non-article pieces you may find there.  If in doubt, ask me.

Due in class on date assigned in syllabus.