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Reserves for Faculty

How to place eReserves and give your students access

Add Items to Your Course in Ares

Add Reserve Item FormOn the Instructor Class Tools menu, click Add Reserves Item:

  • Select the Type of Item to put on reserve
    (Article, Chapter, Book, File upload, Free-text, Audio File, Video File) 
  • Fill in the resulting form with as much information as you have available
    • Indicate how the item will get onto Reserve/eReserve
      (these options vary, depending on Type of Item)
      • I will upload a file
      • I will bring items to the library
      • Item should link to a website
      • Please pull item from the shelf
      • Please consider item for purchase and then make available via Course Reserves
    • If you select "I will upload a file" you will need to click "Submit" before you can upload
    • Instructors may limit item availability by date range, if desired
      (default availability is the semester start and end dates) 
    • Click Submit
      • If you are uploading a file, you will be prompted to select a file from your local machine
  • Submitted items are reviewed for copyright compliance before becoming available in the Student View

Ares Add a Reserve Item Documentation

Track eReserve Item Use

From the Main Menu class grid, select the course you want to track for Reserve Usage.
Click the Reserve Item Usage action on the Instructor Class Tools or Proxy Class Tools menu.

A Reserve Items grid below the Class Details lists each Reserve item along with Title, Author and Usage.

The Usage column tracks the number of times a Reserve Item has been viewed.


Click Show Detailed Usage on each item to see which students have viewed specific Reserves Items and and which students have not.




Ares Track Reserve Item Usage Documentation