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PLS301 - Brasher

Research Methods

PLS301 - Political Science Research Methods - Brasher

Welcome to the Course Guide for PLS301 - Political Science Research Methods with Dr. Brasher. This guide has been designed to help you prepare to write your literature review.

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Task:  You are to construct a literature review around the hypothesis that you submitted in class.


  • 3-4 pages double spaced 12 pt type
  • 7 quality sources
  • Bibliography should be included


  • Literature review is a synthesis
  • Literature review is not an annotated bibliography
  • Key components are what the conclusions of others studies are and how they made these conclusions

Outcome: At the end of the literature review you should state what is missing and what future research is necessary.

Note: The paper will be graded on the timeliness/quality of sources and the ability to synthesize information in a logical manner.  Paper is downgraded one letter grade for each day late.  A late paper is one that is not turned in at the beginning of class.