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PLS202 - Dagnes

Applications in Public Affairs

PLS202 - Applications in Public Affairs - Dagnes

This Course Guide has been designed to assist you in doing library research for PLS 202. It includes links to research tools that will help you find background information, news, articles and books, government resources, and other research materials.

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Annotation Information

To annotate a source, first write the bibliographic citation for the source at hand. Then, in paragraph form, write your annotation below the citation. Consider the following when writing your annotation.


  • What's the source about?
  • What's the author's argument? How does s/he make this argument?


  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of the argument?


  • How does this source relate to your research and the other sources in your bibliography?
  • How does the source help you?

Adapted from Williams College Libraries

Annotated Bib Tips