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MKT430 - Edwards

Dr. Edwards: Marketing & Management Research

The focus for each team is to develop a new product, and provide recommendations regarding target market, positioning, pricing, promotion, and distribution of the product.

Each team will be responsible for providing a systematic review of the current literature of their project topic. A literature review is an organized summary of the research on a particular topic. Conducting a literature review can be time consuming, often taking much longer than originally anticipated. The objective of a literature review is to summarize the existing research related to your project topic.

As a result of your review of relevant literature, you should be able to summarize the current state of knowledge regarding your project topic. Here are some useful guidelines for the literature review:

  • Do not include an exhaustive historical review
  • Assume the reader is knowledgeable about the project topic
  • Use, cite, and reference only works pertinent to the specific issue and not works of only general significance
  • Emphasize pertinent findings and relevant methodological issues.