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HON151 - Seibert

General Psychology

HON151 - Honors General Psychology - Seibert

Welcome to the course guide for HON151: Honors General Psychology with Dr. Seibert. In this library session, you will learn how to find scholarly research articles using the library's psychology databases.


Instructions from Dr. Seibert:

Choose one of the myths from the list below. 

  • Most people use only 10% of their brain power.
  • Some people are left-brained, others are right-brained.
  • Human memory works like a tape recorder or video camera, and accurately records the events we've experienced.
  • Most people with amnesia forget all details of their earlier lives.
  • Students learn best when teaching styles are matched to their learning styles.

Briefly explain the myth.

Find two scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles that refute the myth.

  • Read the articles and, in your own words, explain how/why the research evidence presented in the articles refutes the myth.
    • Note that you do not need to summarize the entire article. Instead, focus on summarizing the information from the aricle that is most relevant for refuting the myth.
  • Students may also their textbooks as sources to refute the myth (in addition to the two journal articles).

Include in-text citations and a reference page.

The paper should be approximately three-four pages, typed and double-spaced. Submit Mythbusting Paper #1 to the Assignment Folder on D2L by 11:59pm on Wednesday, September 23rd. Late papers will not be accepted.