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HIS397 - Dieterich-Ward

Seminar in Comparative History (Enviromental History)

HIS397 - Seminar in Comparative History - Dieterich-Ward

Welcome to the course guide for HIS397: Seminar in Comparative History with Dr. Dieterich-Ward. This guide was designed to assist you in doing library research on environmental history from a global and comparative perspective. It includes links to research tools that will help you find background information, articles and books, and other research materials.

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Your Assignment

This is a 14 to 16 page paper (not counting bibliography) with a 12 point font. You are to choose two institutions, ideas, issues, developments, etc. that can be compared and contrasted from two different regions or time periods. The topic has to do broadly with issues regarding the relationship between humans and the rest of nature (environmental history). A bibliography and footnotes should be included.  You should draw upon at least 10 secondary sources in this paper, if not more.

For further instructions, see the "Welcome to Your Research Paper" document below, provided by Dr. Dieterich-Ward.