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HIS397 - Dieterich-Ward

Seminar in Comparative History (Enviromental History)

HIS397 - Seminar in Comparative History - Dieterich-Ward

Welcome to the course guide for HIS397: Seminar in Comparative History with Dr. Dieterich-Ward. This guide was designed to assist you in doing library research on environmental history from a global and comparative perspective. It includes links to research tools that will help you find background information, articles and books, and other research materials.

Feel free at any time to use our Ask Us Anything chat or email reference service for additional assistance, or sign up for our research consultation service. You may also contact me via email: Christy Fic, cmfic@ship.edu.

Research Paper

Your capstone research paper must be a minimum of 18 pages (not counting the bibliography). Adhere to the due dates below.

8/24/20 - Workshop: Discovering and Managing Sources (Zoom with Professor Fic)

8/30/20 - Deadline for first research consultation with Dr. Dieterich-Ward

9/4/20 - Research consultation with Professor Fic

9/11/20 - Deadline for second research consultation with Dr. Dieterich-Ward (draft proposal due)

9/18/20 - Revised proposals due

9/21/20 or 9/23/20 - Preliminary research presentations

9/28/20 - Research consultation with Dr. Dieterich-Ward during class or office hours

10/21/20 - Research consultation with Dr. Dieterich-Ward during class or office hours

10/26/20 - Literature review due

10/28/20 - Presentation of primary source

11/2/20 - Research consultation with Dr. Dieterich-Ward during class or office hours

11/4/20 - Workshop: Preparing an initial draft (rough draft due)

11/9/20 - Workshop: Presenting your research

11/11/20 - Workshop: First draft and peer review (Zoom with Professor Fic)

11/16/20 or 11/18/20 - Final research presentations

12/2/20 - Final paper due