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HIS203 - Ulrich

Theory & Practice of History

HIS203 - Theory and Practice of History - Ulrich

Welcome to the course guide for HIS203, Theory and Practice of History with Dr. Ulrich. This guide has been designed to help you find primary and secondary research materials for your research in this class. Feel free at any time to use our Ask Us Anything chat or email reference service for additional assistance, or contact me directly, Christy Fic:

Research Project

Assignment Instructions from Dr. Ulrich:

Students will, based on original research in primary sources, produce both a publication-quality research paper of at least ten (full) pages and give a presentation to the class of a length to be determined based on de facto class size late in the semester.  Students may select their own topics subject to the approval of the professor.  Finding appropriate primary sources will be the most important limiting factor in topic choices. Any student who fails to complete this project will automatically fail the course.