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ENG114 - Janifer

ENG114 - Academic Writing - Dr. Janifer

This Research Guide has been designed to assist you in doing library research for the research papers in this class. It includes links to research tools that will help you find background information, newspapers, magazine and journal articles.


Background Resources by Topic

View the below Topic Guides for ideas for a variety of topics as well as a wealth of background information on those topics. Not only are many topics listed, but the guides connected to the topics have even more keyword/search term ideas. These topic guides can help you to get background on the different aspects of the topic and to make a decision about a) whether you are interested in the topic and b) what perspective you will take. For instance, social media is one topic under technology, but it does not work for a paper topic in and of itself. What do you want to argue about social media? Do you want to talk about the potential dangers of social media for children or teenagers? Or perhaps the opposite...do you want to talk about the rights of children and teenagers to use social media without the overly vigilant supervision of their parents? The Topic Guides can help you to see different sides of an argument and/or what arguments are out there.

Types of Sources

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Ship to Shore and Other Useful Tutorials