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Bishop and Benoit (2016) discuss the roles that Baldwin experiences and the focus that goes into managing each role that defines him:
At his primary job, teammates aren’t always sure what to make of Baldwin either. There are so many Doug Baldwins. There’s Questionable Diet Doug Baldwin, who gorges on chicken teriyaki sandwiches at Subway, slices from Pizza Hut and wings at Applebee’s. And Cheap Doug Baldwin, who wears the same white Air Jordans he received for playing in the 2009 Sun Bowl while at Stanford, maintaining them obsessively over the years with Clorox wipes. And Cerebral Doug Baldwin, who monitors the development of his prefrontal cortex, studies his social media metrics and starts each morning with mental-focus training, concentrating on only his breathing. (24)


The presentation of the self that Baldwin has created is explained as the pressure that he feels is explained, "For all his with-me-or-against-me talk, Baldwin cared deeply about how others viewed him, about making the NFL. But he couldn’t always stay out of his own way. He cared too much" (Bishop and Benoit 2016:26). Baldwin's focus on perception by others and role management is explained as he studied those whom he considered great leaders of the Seahawks and what displayed traits contributed to this status, and he began to integrate these practices into his presentation of self (27).

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BISHOP, G., & Benoit, A. (2016). UNPACKING”ANGRY DOUG BALDWIN. Sports Illustrated, 125(5), 22-28.

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Greg Bishop and Andy Benoit
Unpacking "Angry Doug Baldwin"
Sports Illustrated 8/22/2016
Volume 125 Issue 5
Pages 22-28