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To determine the impact of relationships with problems or stress on the academic performance of college students, Lee and Goldstein (2016) examined relationships between these young adults and their romantic partners, friends, and family members (p. 571). Lee and Goldstein (2016) studied social supports on stress and loneliness and found the following:

The stress-buffering or moderation of social support on loneliness was found to vary by the three sources of support. Specifically, only support from friends buffered the association between perceived stress and loneliness. For youth with higher levels of support from friends, the magnitude of the relationship between stress and loneliness was less than those with lower friends support. This pattern of findings provides partial support for our first hypothesis, which predicted that support from both friends and romantic partners would buffer the association between stress and loneliness. (p. 575)


According to Lee and Goldstein (2016), "The current study expands on this research, and demonstrates that the social support provided by friends during this time acts as a buffer to some of the negative psychosocial implications of stress" (p. 577).

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Lee, C. S., & Goldstein, S. E. (2016). Loneliness, stress, and social support in young adulthood: Does the source of support matter? Journal of Youth and Adolescence, 45(3): 568-580. DOI 10.1007/s10964-015-0395-9

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Lee, C. S., & Goldstein, S. E. (2016). Loneliness, Stress, and Social Support in Young Adulthood: Does the Source of Support Matter?. Journal Of Youth And Adolescence, (3), 568. doi:10.1007/s10964-015-0395-9

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Loneliness, Stress, and Social Support in Young Adulthood: Does the Source of Support Matter?
Chih-Yuan Steven Lee and Sara E. Goldstein
Journal of Youth and Adolescence
Volume 45 issue 3, 2016
Pages 568-580
DOI 10.1007/s10964-015-0395-9