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Citation Workshop

When and why do I need a citation?

  • Including paraphrased information from a book, article, film, or other resource in your writing
  • Using a direct quotation from a person or a source
  • Want to maintain academic honesty and avoid plagiarism

Where do I put it in my paper?

In most citation styles you will include citations in two areas: 

  • In the text of your paper: at the end of the referenced information (in a parenthetical citation or a footnote/endnote)
  • At the end of your paper: you will include the referenced sources in a list that will be called a bibliography, reference list, or works cited section

How do I create a citation?

Selection of Citation Style
  • What is your major?
  • Does your professor prefer a certain citation style?
Citation Formatting and Creation
  • Citation manual or guide
  • Library-provided sources
  • Scholarly, supported online materials
  • Recommended citation generators