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This guide archives the exhibits and displays which Lehman Library has provided to the campus in recent years.

U.S. Constitution Day 2013

2013 Constitution Day Celebration

Under a federal law adopted in 2004, educational institutions which recieve federal funding are required to hold a commenmorative event annually on Constitution Day, September 17.

At Shippensburg University, these activities have traditionally consisted of

  • a reading of the Preamble by the Luhrs Elementary School Students and the university President,
  • a display of art works by the Luhrs School students,
  • an evening lecture and discussion for the campus community which is also open to the wider public.

This yeas, Shippensburg University is able to secure the services of Dr. Helen Knowles, of Skidmore College, to be our guest speaker on the topic "You'll know it when you see it: the U.S. Constitution according to Justice Kennedy".  Dr. Knowles is a nationally-renowned scholar of the Supreme Court, and is the author of one of the leading biographies of Justice Anthony Kennedy.