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This guide archives the exhibits and displays which Lehman Library has provided to the campus in recent years.

Doug Cook

Taking My Camera for a Walk

Dr. Doug Cook, Librarian


 I enjoy walking in the woods.  It brings me great pleasure to hike the trails and back roads of Michaux Forest.  I relish the solitude.  Being outside among the hardwood and pine forests restores my equilibrium and sense of peace. The creeks and streams provide a soothing soundtrack to my journeys. The pictures I take are an encouragement to me when I am inside that I will be back in the woods soon.

Fall Colors on the Appalachian Trail,  Big Flat Ridge, Michaux Forest, October 18, 2006

"This stretch of the Appalachian Trail goes through sections of hardwood trees and then very dense sections of pines.  I took this photo as I was walking  from a hardwood section into the pines.  The taller trees with the red and yellow leaves contrast nicely with the shorter  green pines." - Doug Cook 

AT Big Flat Ridge

Big Flat 2

Ice on Big Flat, February 3, 2008

My wife and I (and my camera) hike religiously every Sunday morning.  On the day this photo was taken, we had an ice storm.  Not much in the Valley but in Michaux all the trees were covered with ice sparkling in the sun.  These trees were just across Shippensburg Road from the Appalachian Trail parking lot.  We hiked and enjoyed the view."  - Doug Cook

Fuller Lake on a Snow Day, Pine Grove Furnace State Park, Michaux Forest, December 5, 2009

"During hunting season, I spend more time walking in state parks.    

It was cloudy and had been snowing for an hour when I took this picture of the Fuller Lake, which used to be a quarry for iron ore.  I like this photo because of the unusual blue of the water and the snowy outlines of the trees."  - Doug Cook 

Fuller Lake


Mountain Laurel on Rocky Knob Loop Trail, Michaux Forest, June 19, 2008

"Mountain Laurel, Pennsylvania's State Flower, grows abundantly on Big Flat.  Their colors vary from white to pink.  This particular shrub was the richest pink I had seen that spring."  - Doug Cook

Blue Sky through Autumn Leaves, near Tom's Runs Shelters, Appalachian Trail, Michaux Forest, October 19, 2008

"This section of the Appalachian Trail near Tom's Run Shelters is one of my favorite walks.  The trail follows an old logging road through stands of hardwood.  I always need to remind myself to stop and look up, as in this case of the gorgeous blue of the sky on this fall day."  - Doug Cook



Ferns, from the Appalatian Trail, near Tom's Run Shelter, Michaux Forest, June 14, 2009

"Ferns carpet both sides of the Appalachian Trail every summer along the way to Tom's Run Shelters.  Ferns actually grow throughout the Michaux Forest in hardwood stands which are open to the sun and moist enough to support them."  - Doug Cook

Frog Pond, near Appalachian Trail, Rocky Knob, Michaux Forest, June 11, 2008

"I was walking on the Appalachian Trail when I heard what I thought was a lot of ducks.  I walked through the trees toward the sound.  I found this small pond full of croaking frogs -- but no ducks."  - Doug Cook



Spring Growth near Thompson Hollow Road, Michaux Forest, May 5, 2006

"I was walking  an old logging road which was pretty overgrown when I took this photo.  The spring green leaves make a nice contrast with the dark trees."  - Doug Cook

Fuller Lake, from the Appalachian Trail, Pine Grove Furnace State Park, Michaux Forest, September 12, 2007

The Appalachian Trail winds through Pine Grove for about a mile passing Fuller Lake.  The afternoon I took this picture the light fell on this stand of trees and highlighted them against the water."  - Doug Cook



Swamp Trail, just off the Appalachian Trail, Pine Grove Furnace State Park, Michaux Forest, May 15, 2006

"Swamp Trail is an aptly named short path off the Appalachian Trail.  I  took this picture standing on a small log bridge which connects both trails.  I was stunned to see the perfect reflection of the trees on the surface of this shallow body of swamp water." - Doug Cook