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Avoiding Plagiarism


Avoiding Plagiarism - Welcome

Welcome to the Avoid Plagiarism Website

This website has been created to help you find resources that will be useful to you, as you learn to avoid plagiarism. It includes links to a variety of websites that have useful tutorials, videos, and other sites that can help you in this important task.

Video Tutorials

Plagiarism Video Tutorials


Copyright, Plagiarism, and Fair Use for Students

Below is information about copyright, plagiarism, peer to peer file sharing, and obtaining permission to show films on campus. Each link below opens in a new window. Close that window to return to this page.

Research Guides on Copyright Issues

The library has created several new copyright resources and explanation pages

The information below has been incorporated into the pages listed above.

  • What is copyright law?
  • How does copyright affect students?
    • As stated in paragraph 3 of the Student Code of Conduct "(students) must abide by state federal and local laws. This includes Federal copyright law. Individuals are responsible for infringement of the copyright laws, even if directed by a higher authority (professors, for example)."
    • Who is responsible for copyright infringement? Ultimately, the individual actually making the copies is responsible for copyright compliance. Even if the individual is instructed to make copies by a higher authority, it is the individual's responsibility to make sure no copyright infringement is taking place.
    • See Shippensburg University's undergraduate and graduate catalogs for policies regarding Academic Dishonesty.
  • What is protected by copyright?
  • Avoiding plagiarism tips from Purdue University's Online Writing Lab.
  • Obtaining copyright permission for public performances.
    • Does your campus group want to show a movie?
      To obtain broadcast permission for films, contact Lehman Library or (717) 477-1466.
    • Please be advised of the following conditions:
      • Allow time for permissions to be asked and received; it is wise to begin the procedure as soon as possible.
      • A charge is made by copyrights owners for permission and can be quite expensive. It is important to identify a budget to which the charge can be applied.