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INT300 - Stephens

Markets, Brands, & Consumers


Note that Mintel has some coverage for Europe and other regions in addition to the US. The easy way to navigate Mintel is to search the Insights section -- or for a broad view there is a browse feature for Insights, by category, region, trend drivers, and demographics.

MarketResearch Academic

Note that MarketResearch Academic is mostly US focused. The easy way to navigate MarketResearch Academic is to search. While each named drug/drug class brings back results, explore alternate terminology after trying the name of your drug.
Note that there is a note that gives the price at the start of each report, such as: "250 pages - $5,500.00 (Student downloads are FREE of charge – the price is shown for informational purposes only)". No worries, we are not charged this amount when you access the report - Ship pays a flat fee for all access to MarketResearch Academic reports.

US Data & Statistics

Searches US government websites and reports, covers each approved topic for class (and a whole lot more)



Industry-specific reports on Methamphetamines, Cocaine, Psychedelics, and Anti-anxiety medications were not available by name in IBISWorld. Numerous reports are available for Birth Control, Sugar & Sugar substitutes.

Using alternate terms, such as drugs or pharmaceuticals, seem to bring back useful reports.

Scholarly & Trade Sources

These databases are specifically focused on business resources, the strengths here are for the business or industry publications indexed.