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Requesting Media Equipment

Lehman Library Circulation Department has the following media equipment available for students, faculty and staff:

  • LCD Data Projectors
  • Digital Camcorders
  • Digital Cameras
  • Tripods
  • Laptops (staff and faculty use only)
  • Digital Voice Recorders
  • Cassette Tape Recorder

Items can be charged out a maximum of 7 days. There is no renewal for these items.

To reserve equipment please call x1461 (717-477-1461) or email Reservations will be taken up to 7 days before the need by date.


Request a Library Room or Check Room Availability in the Event Management System (

[the system will be upgrading shortly and we will then rewrite these steps for you] :)

  • Click on the gray "Calendars" tab (top left corner)
  • Click on "Scheduling Calendars"
  • Click "Edit Search Filter" button (top right corner)
  • Select "Ezra Lehman Library" from the drop down to the right of "Building" option (top left corner)
  • Click on "View Calendar" (bottom center)
  • Select Day / Week / Month view for overview of availability
  • Choose "Calendar" option (top left) for easier viewing.
  • Click "Request Event" button (top right corner) and choose "Lehman Library Reservation Request" from dropdown
  • Click "Next"
  • Fill in the form. Be sure to complete the "Meeting Recurrence" and "Meetings" sections
  • Submit request by clicking on the "Submit" button at top of page

More information about using library rooms and included equipment:

  • For questions concerning the use of these rooms, use Ask Us Anything.
  • To receive training on Smart Carts, email IDDS.
  • Please note: Rooms are scheduled on first come, first serve basis.
  • Library rooms are not reserved until you have recieved a positive confirmation from library staff.

Special information about videoconferencing rooms:

  • If a videoconferencing room appears unavailable in AdAstra, and is needed for videoconferencing, contact the Library Department Secretary, ext. 1463.
  • Room support is provided through Media Services, extension 1647 or 1646.
  • Training on use of rooms is available through Instructional Development and Web Services, extension 3439; or through Media Services, extension 1646.
  • Room systems are left on, in the sleep mode.
  • Multi-point (more than two sites) videoconference calls need to be reserved and placed through the NOC (Dixon) bridge.  Below is the URL to the bridge reservation form.  Do not click the link below, but copy and paste it directly into a browser.  (

Special training is required to use equipment in rooms 203, 204 and 205 for videoconferencing.  Please allow 5 business days notice for requests requiring videoconferencing.  The room reservation process is not completed until approval is received.

Reserve the Library Conference Room

LL106 Conference Room

Capacity: 24 seats (35 maximum capacity)
Equipment: Smart Cart with Projector and Screen; White-board; Speaker-phone.

LL106 is a library instruction classroom or meeting space. Because of the need for flexibility to fulfill this primary use, the Library prefers reservations for hourly sessions as opposed to all-day or all-week events.

Pictured is the standard room set-up. If you need a different set-up or if you serve food or drinks, you are responsible for changing the setup and returning the room to the standard configuration.

Reserve the Library Computer Lab

LL112 Computer Lab/Classroom
LL112Capacity: 36 seats (45 maximum capacity)
Equipment: 32 desktop computers
(plus, up to 8 laptops can be reserved)

LL112 is the library computer lab. In addition to student use, professors may use the computer lab to further enhance their lessons. For classroom use, the lab has a data projector, screen, and an instructor workstation.

Reserve the Library One-Touch Recording Studio

LL120 Recording Studio / Group Study Room
Capacity: 6 seats (8 maximum capacity)
Equipment: 1 recording studio podium configuration

  • LL120 can ONLY be reserved for recording studio use
  • LL120 may be used as a study room *when not reserved for recording studio use*
  • Recording studio reservations must be made at least 24 hours before reservation time. 
  • Students using LL120 as a study room must vacate for recording studio reservations

Please be considerate of others, this is the only one-touch recording studio available on campus; individuals or groups wishing to practice or record presentations in LL120 may reserve the room for up to 2 hrs per day. Reservations are available Monday thru Friday.

LL120 is the library one-touch recording studio. Individuals and small groups can easily record a video of a presentation to a USB drive. The default option is plug in a thumb drive, click record, perform a presentation, click done, and remove the USB drive. The Advanced options include various screen layouts and the ability to switch between layouts during a recording session. 

When the one-touch studio is not reserved for recording LL120 can be used as a first-come, first-served group study room. However, study groups must vacate the room for reserved one-touch studio recording sessions. 

Reserve Library Videoconferencing Room LL 204

LL 204 Videoconferencing Room
Room Set-Up: Conference Table, seating up to 10
Equipment: Polycon HDX 7000 HD Codec with single front Polycom Eagleye HD camera; Front 55" flatscreen video display monitor; Front 55" flatscreen graphics (content) monitor; Ceiling mounted microphone; Input for Laptop computer; Polycom handheld remote for control of system.

LL204 is a teleconferencing room that seats 8-10 people.  While 204 can be reserved for purposes other than teleconferencing, previously approved room requests for purposes other than teleconferencing may be cancelled if a request for teleconferencing use is received for the same time slot.

Reserve Library Videoconferencing Room 205

 LL 205 Videoconferencing Room
Room Set-Up:  40 seat full function videoconferencing room with overflow seating for a toal of 50
Equipment: Polycon HDX 8000 Codec with front & rear Polycom Eagleye HD cameras; 80" front & rear video displays; 87" diagonal Smart electronic board for graphics; 20 push-to-talk microphones; Built-in PC tower; Inputs for Laptop, HDMI, and composite video; Touch panel control; and Optional output for Mediasite recorder. 

LL205 is a teleconferencing room that seats 52 people.  While 205 can be reserved for purposes other than teleconferencing, previously approved room requests for purposes other than teleconferencing may be cancelled if a request for teleconferencing use is received for ths same time slot.