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MKT305 - Edwards

Dr. Edwards: Principles of Marketing

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Brand Assessment Assignment

‘Brand Analysis’ offers the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of key areas of consumer behavior. Choose a brand within a product category and collect brand-related information (e.g. advertisements, news/business articles, websites). After careful analysis of the brand’s current marketing communication, describe the areas that use of two of the following themes: Creating value for customers in order to capture value from customer in return, Customer engagement and today’s digital and social media, and Building and managing strong, value-creating brands. Identify how your brand attempts to influence, modify, or impact consumer behavior. Support your discussion with evidence that supports, explains, and/or critiques consumer behavior theory.
Become familiar with consumer behaviors, understand when the actions of a particular brand illustrate the use of a consumer behavior concept. Research and analyze your brand. Develop your understanding of the brand and identify how consumer behavior concepts have been applied in its marketing communication. 

Find Market Research Data and Analysis

Marketing Databases

Marketing - Start Here

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These databases contain broad subject coverage which applies to many disciplines.


APA Style (American Psychological Association)

The below links to Purdue OWL for APA will help you to set up/format your document in addition to creating a reference list and in-text citations.