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Faculty Services

Library Instruction and Information Literacy

At the heart of Lehman Library services is our active program of information literacy and library instruction. Librarians share Shippensburg University's commitment to fostering student learning.

Please review the overview linked below to learn about our full range of instructional services. For more information, or to schedule a class session, please contact Josefine Smith.

Instructional Services

  • Ship to Shore - an online tutorial in College Writing to fulfill general education requirement
  • Course-based library instruction sessions
  • Course-based Tutorials
  • Research guides by subjects and courses
  • Library tours and orientation


The Library Instruction Program at Shippensburg University is committed to providing students, faculty, staff and other users with high quality instruction about the use of library resources. Librarians at Shippensburg have been providing formal instruction for many decades.

The goal of the program is to foster Information Literacy as an integral part of Shippensburg University's commitment to the highest level of scholarship. An information literate person can locate, evaluate, and use information competently and ethically. The program focuses on teaching a research process that will ensure that all the members of our community are information literate.


  1. To provide students with skills to determine the nature and extent of the information needed
  2. To teach students the skills needed to access needed information effectively and efficiently.
  3. To teach students the skills to evaluate information and its sources critically and incorporate selected information into one's knowledge base.
  4. To prepare students to develop the foundation for lifelong learning
  5. To teach students to understand the economic, legal, and social issues surrounding the use of information, and to access and use information ethically and legally.


Methods include evaluation at the time of instruction by faculty and students, general student surveys and sample group studies.


To request a library instruction session for your classes, please contact Josefine Smith, Instruction & Assessment Librarian.